Kate Wrigglesworth


Kate came to yoga 8 years ago after a particularly intense hot yoga class that taught her the value of breathing,  on and off the yoga mat.  As  a massage therapist Kate has a deep passion for understanding the human body, and strives to keep learning about her own body mind and soul to better understand those around her.

Kate believes yoga should be a fun exploration of the body, where there is no one rule fits all. Her classes are always fun informative and focused on working within the limits of your own body, being kind to yourself and believing in the power of your body and mind!

“Through play and relaxation we ease ourselves into our bodies where tension is unraveled and we discover our true selves”

Courtney SHeehan

Courtney’s first venture into yoga came 12 years ago in a small, (very) hot studio in London and she’s never looked back. Since then, she’s traveled the world practicing in all sorts of far flung places – Mexico, Colombia, Sydney, Thailand and Barcelona to name a few.

“I love to see students transform and connect on a deeper level with their body, breath and soul.”

Courtney has taught Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and also yoga for kids. She loves the ethos at Happy Lotus Barcelona and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with the team.