My name is Kate I am a Massage Therapist practicing in the centre of Barcelona. I have been practicing massage since 200Happy Lotus Barcelona9 after gaining qualifications in Swedish body and Indian head massage.

In 2011 I  went on to study Thai Traditional Massage in Bangkok at the Wat Pho Medical school. This experience helped me see the huge range of benefits that massage can provide and I  learned more about the eastern world of massage and its place in their society.

Outside of massage, I am passionate about retaining my own Yoga practice, for relaxation and to ensure all my treatments come from a balanced centred place. My Yoga also gives me a greater understanding of the body and shows how relaxation and breath awareness can be powerful tools for easing the body and mind.

I use a combination of all techniques I have learned to provide a massage unique to you, which is effective for relaxation, stress relief, aches and pains and restoration of movement.  I continue to deepen my studies with further massage  training and yoga practice, to gain a deeper understanding of the body and provide the best massage to my clients.


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Bill Medgin says:

    I just got to town and here for a few days. I’d love to get a massage if you have any openings? Thanks Bill

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