No BullShit Yoga

Coming home to your body.

Experience your body and your own energy without the attached bullshit from society and the dogma placed upon us through prescribed ways of moving.

Where we work through our own shit,

Celebrate our bodies and play

Tune into our unique energy.

No Bullshit yoga is a class that includes somatics, yoga, pilates and energy medicine.

We work through exercises that help clear out our stuck energy that can build up through lack of movement, repressed emotions and the collection of other people’s energies (people we live/work with, city life etc)

We then go on to do mobilisations that help keep the joints moving fluidly and alleviates tensions in the muscles. 

We then work with spinal mobility and core strength to give us a sense of stability in the body and helps build confidence by improving posture.

Lastly we move through a series of relaxation poses that open up the ‘junctions’ of the body, shoulders and hips.

At the end of the class we tap into our own unique energy, free from tension and the attached energies of those around us, so we may better listen to the messages our body sends us and we can tap in to our own inner knowing (inuition) to be able to take care of ourselves body mind and soul. 

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Vagus nerve stimulation

  • Develop core strength

  • Improve posture

  • Move emotions through the body 

All of this helps to promote a sense of wellbeing throughout the body, eases tension and allows you to listen to messages your body sends without distractions. In other words learn to listen to your intuition. 



An individual class is €60 for 1 hour.

Yoga Students Testimonials

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Kate is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are very informative and very relaxing. I have been her student for some time now and I really enjoy her way of leading the class that is peaceful and her constantly explaining about the positions, breathing and different aspects of yoga.
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BEST yoga teacher in Barcelona, English speaker and really good with both advanced and begginers, you should try it! Kate gave me a great Thai massage and has helpful health tips too
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I have been going to Kate's yoga classes for some time now and they are wonderful. I have honestly not had a better yoga teacher anywhere else I have been. She takes a genuine interest in you and your specific needs, and teaches a really authentic style of yoga which is all about self-exploration and listening to your body, building strength as well as flexibility.

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