Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, private classes can be a great way to deepen your knowledge of your own body and develop a practice that is unique to you. You could be working through some injuries, or limited movements that don’t allow you to step into a group class, or you could be embarking on your Yoga practice for the first time and would like the intimacy of one on one classes to dive deep into your practice. Whatever your reasoning, private classes can provide a time and space for you to enjoy a Yoga practice tailored exactly to your needs.

With my training in anatomy and deep understanding of the body I am able to help you develop new patterns in the body through conscious movement and breath, helping to alleviate tension and pain from imbalances in the body, increase range of motion, and  bring about a sense of balance in the body.

Classes Include:
  • Tailored asana (yoga postures) to accommodate your needs
  • Postural assessment
  • Breathwork and instruction on how to breath efficiently
  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • Functional exercises to balance the body and alleviate tension
  • Hands on assists to help you identify unnecessary tension
You will learn:
  • How to modify postures to suit your needs
  • Simple breathing exercises to practice at home
  • A personalised sequence to practice at home
  • How to listen to your body and move intuitively

The best way to approach these classes would be to take a series of classes ranging from 4-8 depending on your particular needs.

An individual class is €40 for 1 hour.

Yoga Students Testimonials

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Kate is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are very informative and very relaxing. I have been her student for some time now and I really enjoy her way of leading the class that is peaceful and her constantly explaining about the positions, breathing and different aspects of yoga.
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BEST yoga teacher in Barcelona, English speaker and really good with both advanced and begginers, you should try it! Kate gave me a great Thai massage and has helpful health tips too
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I have been going to Kate's yoga classes for some time now and they are wonderful. I have honestly not had a better yoga teacher anywhere else I have been. She takes a genuine interest in you and your specific needs, and teaches a really authentic style of yoga which is all about self-exploration and listening to your body, building strength as well as flexibility.

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