The Healing Touch

healing handsBy now everyone is aware of the enormous amounts of benefits that a massage can bring. Here is just a few incase you need reminding.

  • Warms tissues, relaxes tense and contracted muscles, reduces pain & fatigue
  • Boost circulation – bringing fresh nutrients to cells
  • Aids removal of waste products and toxins through the lymph glands.

What we seem to have forgotten though, is the healing touch that is instinct to all of us. For example, we hug our friends when they are upset, we rub a childs knee better if they fall and hurt themselves, we perform little self massage to sore muscles. The benefits of healing touch are available to all of us.

Even small gestures such as a pat on the back or a handshake can have positive effects on the body mind. Research by the University of Miami Touch Research Institute has shown that moderate pressure stimulates a nerve in the brain that slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure.Healing touch

A warm touch seems to set the release of oxytocin, a hormone that helps create the sensation of trust, and reduces the levels of stress hormone cortisol. This in turn helps us feel better and gives the immune system a boost.

Children have been benefiting from a mothers touch since the beginning of time. Who can´t remember the feeling of a reassuring hug when you are scared, or the  soothing touch of a parents hand when you were feeling sick. All of these actions are remembered in the body and help build a positive outlook in life. Research has shown that human touch can even aid in our ability to learn and pay attention, and also helps us build compassion for others and ourselves.

This is something that we can all share and benefit in. Never underestimate your own power to heal and help those around you.



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