Natural Beauty

9 months ago this was my inspiration to get back to basics in my beauty routine and start loving my body from the inside out.

“The skin is not only a major organ of elimination but also of assimilation. We should be careful not to put anything on our skin we would not eat.” Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

Let’s be honest not many of us would not be willing to eat our moisturizer or our shampoo. With a list of ingredients as long as your arm and words that areHappylotusBarca unpronounceable and incomprehensible, who would want to put that anywhere near their mouth? Well essentially that is what we are doing each time we moisturize or use soap or generally apply something to our skin. Although missing the mouth and taste buds all of those ingredients are still being absorbed through the skin and then eventually processed through the liver.

“Rancid fats and oils found in everyday commercial lotions and creams are absorbed through the skin and negatively affect the connective tissues. They provide temporary relief from dry skin but eventually weaken the skin over time: Generally,the more standard commercial lotions and creams that one uses, the worse the skin becomes.” Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

So maybe you are asking “But where do I start? How can I bring more natural products into my beauty routine?”  My advice would be to start off simple. Start by replacing one item of your cosmetics, for example moisturizer. Nature has provided many different products to nourish our skin. Why not try looking in your kitchen?

Amongst the favourites for natural moisturisers we have: Extra Virgin Oilve oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed Oil & Sweet Almond oil.* My personal favourite is coconut oil because of its myriad uses and unbeatable healing properties.

“Coconut oil is a phenomenal skin lotion. Because coconut oil contains large quantities of MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) It not only moisturises and protects the skin, it also attacks lipid coated viruses and bacteria on the skin’s surface.” Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

Not only will this oil leave you smelling great with gorgeously soft skin it is also protecting you from harmful bacteria! Now that’s what I call an effective skin cream! On top of all that coconut oil helps to prevent and lighten stretch marks, is a great lip balm, can be used anywhere on your body inside and out!

Here are just a few of my favourite uses of coconut oil:

  • Daily face & body moisturiser
  • Shaving cream
  • After sun
  • Hand & nail cream
  • Hair conditioner

Natives to hotter more tropical climates have been enjoying the benefits of coconut oil for generations. From Polynesia to the Philipines, Hawaii to India, people have been using this plant as part of their beauty and dietary regime.

Why not come and try out the Virgin Coconut Oil Massage and get started with your natural beauty regime. Leave your comments below on how you like to use coconut oil!

*As long as oils are cold-pressed (raw) and they agree with the individual, then putting olive oil, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil onto the face can provide wonderful benefits to the skin without clogging pours.


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