The Beginning


Soul Explorer

Although my journey began long ago,

I believe that this is where it starts.

Finally the urge is coming from deep within

To share the inside of my heart.

So here I am now writing this,

A kind of introduction.

To prepare you for the words to come,

And maybe give a warning.

The rawness of my words is real,

My heart has been through much ordeal.

The pen is my way to see the light,

An unedited look into my life.



Welcome all of you who are joining me on this journey. I wrote this piece as I struggled to find the words to introduce my writing. This is pretty much how my creativity works, spontaneously, fuelled by confusion and intense emotions.

All of my work is unedited and a raw expression of myself.  I want to share this with you as I believe that my emotions and my feelings are not unique and that maybe, just maybe my words will ring true inside of you and help you to find your own shining light.


Love, always…


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