Introduction to Thai Massage

lashalaThis workshop has been designed to introduce you to the basics of Thai Massage. Everyone should have the basic skills and techniques to give a partner/friend/child a simple and effective massage, to help ease common aches and pains and to lovingly connect through touch. No previous experience is necessary.

Together we will learn a complete full body routine that will increase your own personal confidence, awareness & intuition while massaging. The techniques taught will target all the major muscle groups, and are designed to effectively release tension and ease pain.

Through massaging others you’ll become aware of your own breath, and learn about the relationship between giving and receiving.

Suitable for:

*Individuals or couples wanting to learn to give their loved ones or friends a wonderful treat.

*Yoga teachers, pilates teachers or personal trainers interested in learning new skills to apply within their work

*Practitioners of other therapies who may want to add another skill

How to particiate:

For tickets, reservations & questions contact me

Or sign up through the event page on Facebook

Price: €25 1 person / €40 for two people

When: 10th July 11:00-13:00

Where: Club Ich Bin, Calle Girona 46 Principal, Barcelona 08013

What to bring: Comfortable clothes & your openness to learn




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